GURU MADAN EYE CENTRE is a state-of-the-art eye care centre located at GOHANA, Haryana. Ever since its inception, the centre has provided world class ophthalmic services to the Poor people and the neighbouring states. Its mission is to eradicate blindness by providing the best facilities of the medical world.

It was established in March, 1987, in GOHANA and it has, since then, been serving the people of the Poor People of Village and the neighbouring states. It is the most well equipped ophthalmic centre of this region, providing modern equipment and the best doctors for management of eye problems.

Every year GMEC, more than 5000 patients are examined, cataract surgeries in excess of 3000 performed and close to 1000 glaucoma patients operated. In addition, a variety of other procedures like squint surgeries, ptosis surgeries, lid operations, refractive surgeries, etc., are regularly performed at the centre. The centre aims, annually, to operate at least 400 economically challenged patients free of cost, apart from providing other free ophthalmic services.

The poor and needy deserve the same medical attention as the economically more well off. As
its moral responsibility

Eye Centre tries to give back to society whatever is in its capacity. Besides providing free consultation and diagnostic facilities to many, GMEC operates about 400 patients free of cost every year. There is no compromise in the technology used.

Recently, GMEC adopted a village and Free ophthalmic services are provided to each and every member of the village. It is Guru Madan Eye Centre ultimate desire to make this place free of unnecessary blindness.

A Centre commitment to quality is at the heart of all services provided at Guru Madan Eye Centre. Every doctor and staff member is committed to providing personal attention and the most advanced medical care to every person who comes to the Centre